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Established in 1974, EST proudly marks their 50th Anniversary and holds the distinction of being the first dedicated rock transportation company in Europe, playing a pioneering role in shaping the rock transportation industry into what it is today.


Specialising in handling logistics and transportation for music and live entertainment events, EST’s impressive client list includes some of the biggest names in the music industry, akin to the Rock'n Roll Hall of Fame.

You've probably seen their iconic yellow and purple trucks at various venues across Europe, supporting an array of artists, ranging from legendary acts like The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Madonna, Bryan Adams, and Bruce Springsteen to contemporary stars like Nine Inch Nails, The Editors, Norah Jones, and Michael Bublé.


In 2011, EST was acquired by Transam Trucking but continued to maintain their strong partnerships with some of the most prominent figures in the entertainment business.​


The team at EST is known for their expertise, round-the-clock availability, and unparalleled experience. They consistently deliver top-notch transport solutions with unwavering reliability, ensuring that the magic of live performances always unfolds on stage, precisely when expected, and within budget.

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